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My personal experience has been as a primarily self-employed person and the difficulty in getting medical insurance and the cost of medical care going up so much partly as a result of the exclusion of employer provided health care from taxation. It’s encouraged people to go to the doctor – well not as much anymore because insurance has gotten so expensive even for employers – but in the old days they used to get it a lot cheaper and people would go to the doctor and not have to pay anything, so I think there was a lot of overuse of medical services.

It just seems like the people that get the most benefit from [the exclusion] work for large employers and are generally more highly paid individuals. Small companies, small businesses, can’t afford to get group health insurance because the premiums are prohibitive, and also companies that hire primarily minimum wage workers usually don’t provide medical coverage. So, you’ve got the benefit primarily going – the large benefit – to people who are relatively high earning. And it increases everybody else’s tax burden. People that earn very little aren’t getting any benefit.

I didn’t used to think about it that much until I started experiencing what it was like to try to get health insurance when you didn’t work for government or a large company. … It was just an unnecessarily high expense. I had to get very high deductibles for our family. It made me definitely be more careful about going to see the doctor. And it was upsetting to be spending $800 a month for insurance with a $5000 deductible. And once we started developing pre-existing conditions, we knew we probably were not going to be able to switch without having to pay even higher premiums than we already were.

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