Asher from Las Vegas, NV

Faces of the Federal Budget

[My mom] took out a mortgage and they were complex and I think she probably didn’t understand it. She probably would tell me that she understood it, but she didn’t understand it. It had a balloon type interest rate. [The payments became unmanageable] and then on April 20, 2009… the marshalls came to our door and kicked us out, saying we had 20 minutes to collect our stuff. So then we lived in a hotel room for about 3 months and we were supported by friends.
After that because I was living with my brother and my mom had gone to California for work, there was a technicality that allowed me to be considered homeless. I had to finish high school still. So I went on programs: Medicaid and food stamps. I did odd jobs on the side, but SNAP was important because I could count on having it every month. It allowed me to get by... Medicaid was good too. I loved Medicaid. I wish I had it now. For individuals who are under 18, I don’t think there are any co-pays. So I never had a co-pay… and I got all my dental work done, which saved me tons of money… and it was money we didn’t have.

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