Wayne from Independence, MO

Faces of the Federal Budget

When I travel to California, I’m amazed as I go across the mountains. The scenery is absolutely horrible—windmills all over the place, supposedly producing power. Yeah, they produce power. With our taxes you can build a windmill. If it wasn’t for our taxes subsidizing these power producing windmills, there would not be any. When they get enough of them we will be paying a noticeably higher power bill—and with our taxes we’re subsidizing that—what is the value of it?
...And then we spend planeloads of money on the wars (and supposedly to rebuild the country); big skids that you have to have a forklift to lift around, loaded with hundred dollar bills. They don’t even know where it went; there is no accountability. Now, that’s my tax money...
...Social security and Medicare solutions are so simple... Neither one of them’s about to go broke, but they’re not on firm actuary footing. They could be fixed so simply, two or three different little simple things… They’re very important. It started in my young years, during the Depression and that sort of thing, Social Security and whatnot, but it was real important. I can still remember Grandma and Grandpa getting their little checks. Actually they bought a little house on that Social Security money. They were getting like $60 a month, big money back in the early 40s. They were paying little payments on a small modest home, I still remember that...

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