Charlotte from Interlachen, FL

Faces of the Federal Budget

As a divorced, unemployed mother of two young boys (8 and 5 years), our country's financial standing is of high importance to me and my family. What effect will decisions made today by government officials have on my children when they grow and begin working and paying taxes of their own? What about when they retire? Medicaid, SNAP, TANF and other programs like them assist families like mine with getting back on our feet when problems arise. Both of my children have needed emergency surgeries within their young lives, and without Medicaid they either would not have received the care they needed or I would not have been able to pay the medical bills. Food stamps (SNAP) help me ensure that my children eat healthy, well-balanced meals without me having to worry about how I will afford food and what my boys will eat. I see some people abuse the privilege of these programs, i.e. buying candy, sodas, chips and other junk food with their food stamps and no real food, buying loads of food with food stamps and pulling out rolls of $20 bills to buy T.V.s and other expensive items (i.e. iPhones) or buying lobster and t-bones for a week then the kids live on Ramen noodles for the rest of the month. There are even those who sell their food stamps. It is sad to see how people can abuse something so helpful and possibly end up destroying the privilege for the rest of us. I don't know where my family would be without these supplemental government programs. They are not meant to support a person or their family completely, but are instead meant as assistance programs to help an individual or his or her family to get what they cannot obtain through their own income. I get annoyed when I hear people who receive assistance complain that it is not enough. It is better than getting nothing, be grateful these programs exist and someone isn't just showing up to take your child(ren) because you cannot afford to feed them. My boyfriend works part-time, as that is all that is currently available in our area, and is looking for a second job but nothing has come through as of yet. I am not working until after my youngest starts school, as he has medical conditions that require him to be with someone at all times. Sometimes things happen where assistance programs are necessary to help a family make it from month to month, and I am certainly glad they are available to help my family and others in our times of need.

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