Will from Tucson, AZ

Faces of the Federal Budget

I have a lot of friends who get Pell grants. And I’m president of a [student] organization called “Arizona Model United Nations.” We do a Chicago trip each year—and it’s kind of expensive. But the University gets money from the state, and some of that money from the state comes from the federal government. So inevitably some money that we get to fund our trip to Chicago is from the federal government… which helps students who have financial issues.

… I think some of the research opportunities from the [University of AZ] Honors College [which I attend] are federally funded. There’s a $20,000 grant opportunity where as many Honors students can apply to try to get a piece of that money. I think that money came from the feds. Many students have taken the money and gone abroad to conduct experiments and write research papers. It is a really awesome experience.

...This year I was an employee of Salpointe High School and I got paid $500 to be a debate coach. And when financial officer was telling me to fill out the tax form, she told me to fill out all the minimum taxes because they’ll take more away from you if you don’t. And I said “Well that’s stupid. I’m making $500, they’re not going to take any taxes away from me. That’s ridiculous.” Well it turns out they took $40 of taxes, and I thought to myself “what’s going on?”… they took out Social Security and Medicare, and then state and local taxes. I was shocked. I mean, I was shocked that they took money out of my $500 paycheck, I was not shocked that there are Social Security, Medicare, and state and local taxes.

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