Molly from Burlington, VT

Faces of the Federal Budget

In my years at college, I’ll get something like $24,000 in Pell grant and work study money. So that’s a hefty amount of money to get. Just looking at those figures made me more appreciative of what is enabled by the federal government. I also get a lot of aid from my college as well. I think I’ve felt a lot of more appreciation for the college than I have towards the government. That’s even manifested in the sense of “I want to donate to the college when I’m done,” and even,” if I have kids, I want to send a kid to this college”. But I have not had the sense of “Oh I really want to pay back through the tax system so that more people can go to school through the use of Pell Grants.” That is something I should more aware of going forward, because it is easy to forget that generosity doesn't just come in the form of privately-funded institutions. There is also generosity in the public sphere.

... I have benefited from a very good public school system... My elementary school had a great hot lunch program, and it was due mostly the creative mind of the school cook. She fed us excellent, nutritious hot breakfasts and lunches. I often ate breakfast at school, not because my family was in need, but because it was such good, healthy food. I know there were a lot of kids who got free breakfast and lunch, though, and I’m sure it made a huge difference in their learning. I still feel so much gratitude for that program, and especially this individual who really made it shine by caring so much about the quality of the food she served.

And then later in high school I benefited from an excellent school, where the teachers were very interested in students going to college and did everything they could to make that happen.

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