Paul from Fayette, MO

Faces of the Federal Budget

Because of my limited fixed income, I have no health insurance. I’m not old enough to be on Medicare. … I could not live if I had to pay the premiums of private insurance companies. So I concentrate on eating primarily an organic food diet, and I concentrate on staying healthy so as to avoid visits to the doctor’s office. When I do have to go for minor things, it’s on a cash-pay basis, on a sliding-scale because of my [income] status.

My income is too high for Medicaid. …If Medicaid were expanded, I might qualify for that expanded help. There are many good things about the new health care plan. This Medicaid expansion, that’s part of [ACA] plan, and that’s an excellent program. It should become 100% of the plan.

However, some of the deficiencies include this requirement that people have to pay for their health insurance. But who do they buy it from? It’s from a private, for-profit insurance company. Of course in my status I couldn’t pay for that, so the government promises that they will pay a percentage of my health care coverage. I did some calculations on that and that would still be a couple thousand dollars a year out of my pocket to just buy the insurance. In my situation two thousand dollars would break the bank and I could not afford that. So, when the time comes [that everyone is mandated to be insured by the ACA] I guess I will engage in non-compliance, and will not buy from a private insurance company.

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