Mia from Pasadena, CA

Faces of the Federal Budget

I receive both a Pell Grant and Stafford Loan each year. I also benefit from Federal Work-Study. Both of these have made it possible for me to go to such an expensive school as [my private college] without having to take out large private loans.

At the time of entering school, my mother did not have any sort of job, while my dad was working on remodeling houses with my grandfather. Neither of my parents would have been capable of paying for my education without financial aid — and still are not. Without financial aid, it is extremely likely I would still be living at home attending the nearby community college. My grandparents pay for the rest of what grants and loans do not cover.

Having a college degree is one of the very most important things to me. I want to someday work in a government position, and require higher education to do so. My family has encouraged me to get at least my undergraduate degree for my entire life.
The resources I am currently given by the government have helped me greatly. However, I would be very grateful to have more money in my grants and less in my loans, though my current situation is nothing to complain about. Cuts to Pell Grants would be a problem, and would cause me a lot of stress and possibly affect my ability to stay at school. I am expecting about $20,000.00 in loans when I graduate.

I think the government should fund any student that hopes to receive higher education. It is very important to increase the number of people that attend college and university, and the federal government should do all that it can to help.

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