Alexandra from Framingham, MA

Faces of the Federal Budget

I have received a Pell Grant for the past 3 years … receiving financial aid has been great. It has helped me get the jobs I've had. … If I didn't receive work study I wouldn't have formed relationships with people that I have, as well as not getting the experience I have through these jobs. What has been really helpful about financial aid now that I live off campus is that I get the money directly, so I have the freedom of spending it on things like rent and food as I chose. Since my parents can't afford to pay for my rent, receiving this money was a new form of independence; spending the money how I see fit. If I didn't get financial aid I'm not sure if I could have afforded to move off campus. Even though I will eventually have to pay off loans once I graduate, the pressure of having to pay for school now is removed and hopefully once I graduate I will get a job, so I won't be in too much debt. If I didn't receive financial aid from the government my parents and I would have a really difficult time paying for college.

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