Rachel from Branford, CT

Faces of the Federal Budget

I am the proud recipient of a Pell grant, work study, AND subsidized loans. Without the loans, there would be no way for me to pay for my education. My parents saved a lot for my education, but the cost of a good education has increased so much since I was born, when they started saving, that it is hard to keep up. As a young person, I have very little credit, and that which I have may even be categorized as "bad," so the private sector was not a viable option to pay for my education. As an economics major, I see subsidized loans and even direct scholarships like pell grants as a necessary (and underfunded) investments in our future. Businesses have to borrow money to invest in their own future and it is not unreasonable for the country to collectively invest in human capital in the same way businesses invest in physical capital.

My awarded work-study, while small in actual dollars, greatly adds to the value of my education as whole. While not a perfect comparison, I have two experiences through which I can evaluate work-study. I did not take advantage of my work-study during my first two years at [college] when I was not a good student . My last two years have been a completely different story. Not only does my work-study experience add to my resume and practical job experience, but working a real job- with real responsibility- changed the manner in which I addressed my studies. Although I am much more responsible than I was in my first two years of school, I attribute much of the difference in my academic success to being part of something greater, to my job funded by work study. Especially in a liberal arts school, practical experience makes me a much better candidate for employment and rounds out my educational experience in a nice way.

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