Fred from Yachats, OR

Faces of the Federal Budget

I became disabled in 1991 and felt like I was lost and was a throw away person. Just a disabled machine that was being thrown away. I lost my home that I worked so very hard for. Now I am living in a Housing Apartment begging to stay alive. Going to the store to buy food is very depressing because you cannot afford to eat. Why should people who work their butts off and become disabled have to be treated like second class citizens in the richest country in the world? I have been married for 36 years and it's an every day struggle to keep us both alive.

I feel that we the disabled and the seniors are fighting the war of our lives-- fighting our own country for the right to live. Congress is waging a war on the most vulnerable citizens in America. They cut this and cut that while they give to the rich old boys and other countries.

Don't we have the right to live in a nation that we have gave so much to. I paid my taxes and paid my dues. Don't I and others deserve the right to live like real people not someone that has to go to the food banks to beg for food to get through the month?

The needs of the poor and disabled might not always be just, but as human beings we must listen to the cries if not. What does that make us? Something must change or do the powers that be just want me to go away and die?

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