Nora from Homer Glen, IL

Faces of the Federal Budget

Well it seems the last few years, they keep cutting back what they pay doctors, and doctors drop out of the Medicare program and don't see Medicare patients. Right now everything has been fine for me so far. It's working, so I just don't understand why we can't have it for everybody, for every citizen. I don't see why Congress should have something different and better. Now I am not an expert, but I am sure there are intelligent people in our country who could get it right if the legislator government people wanted to get it right. That is just my feeling that they don't want to.

I know that they waste money, and I can give you an example. My son had a kidney transplant, and he was home about a week and an infection started. So they wanted to have him have therapy intravenous four times a day and he could do it at home; someone would come and show him, and then he could do it. But Medicare would only pay for it if he were in the hospital. So for seven days, he sat in the hospital. The doctors didn’t want him there because of the [risk of] infection and his low immune system. But that was the only way Medicare would pay for it. Does that make sense?
But if we had him at home, they would not cover it. … And of course that upset me. … And then, talking to hospital personnel, they said you wouldn’t believe the amount of things that could be done at home but Medicare will not pay for it at home. … nurses, even doctors, I talked to a lot of people.

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