Sequestration's Havoc Hits Home

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"You say 'Goodbye' and I say 'Hello'"

Budget cuts known as sequestration are reducing funding for programs ranging from Head Start and Meals on Wheels to the Department of Defense – though the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may be spared, thanks to quick action by Congress to stop flight delays. The important thing to understand is that sequestration is irresponsible budgeting – instead of passing a deliberated budget with the input of the American people, Congress is making indiscriminate cuts to federal spending. Lawmakers from both parties agree it's terrible policy, and yet they can't agree to repeal the cuts. Here are some resources to help you understand what's happening:

Sequestration's Havoc In Action

Will Our 2014 Budget Reflect What Americans Want?

  • Competing Visions: Side-by-side comparison of budget proposals from the president, House, Senate, and Congressional Progressive Caucus, plus comparisons to public opinion
  • Details on President Obama's 2014 budget proposal

Federal Spending in Your State

Where Did Your Taxes Go?

Could Your Tax Dollars Be Better Spent?

  • Use Trade-Offs to see what else your tax dollars could buy

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