Take Action During the August Recess

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Illustration by Tom Pappalardo (from NPP's A People's Guide to the Federal Budget)

Congress will be on recess during the month of August, which means it’s a great time for you to get involved in setting our nation’s budget priorities.

Everyone – not just DC insiders – should have a chance to understand complex budget issues that impact all of us. To help, we’ve published six new fact sheets:

Some of these topics were part of our Four Hot Summer Budget Battles series, and some cover other issues that Congress is tackling, like student loan interest rates and Obamacare. Everything here is timely, so it’s crucial for you to make your voice heard in August.

Not convinced that the federal budget impacts you and your community? Check out our Faces of the Federal Budget project for personal budget stories from Oregon to Florida. Or use our Federal Priorities Database to see how much money your state receives from federal programs.

Then, use these single-page, easy-to-understand fact sheets to arm yourself with information and take action by calling, writing, or visiting your Congressperson.