Fact Sheet: Wall Funding vs. Coronavirus

March 2, 2020 - Download PDF Version

Redefining Security:

President Trump’s Immigration Initiatives Could Instead Fund a Response to Coronavirus

President Trump’s cruel and unnecessary immigration policies would cost $11.5 billion this year, including $2 billion in border wall funds from the Department of Homeland Security,  $3.8 billion in Department of Defense funds for constructing a border wall, and $5.7 billion for ICE deportation operations that contribute to family separations. That’s more than enough to fund Senator Chuck Schumer’s suggested $8.5 billion emergency funding package to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s how $11.5 billion could instead be put to use against the coronavirus:

1.       Homeland Security wall funds at $2 billion: The coronavirus request calls for $1 billion for rapid vaccine development by the National Institutes of Health, and an additional $1 billion in foreign aid through USAID to fight the potential pandemic.

2.       Department of Defense wall funds at $3.8 billion: This amount could fund $1.5 Billion for the Centers for Disease Control, with $2.3 billion left over.

3.       $5.7 billion for ICE removal and enforcement operations: This could fund $3 Billion for the Public Health and Social Emergency Fund, $2 billion for state and local reimbursement, with $700 million left over.

By diverting President Trump’s funding requests for ICE and his border wall, the United States could instead save lives by funding a full response to coronavirus – with $3 billion left over.


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