Remembering Recovery on November 3, 2010

NPP very recently updated all its Federal Priorities Database expenditures and indicators to the state level with the latest data available.

We invite you to use the database – especially if you want a post-election memory of the impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). See what funding states received in 2009 for job creation, housing, food security work and more.

It's essential that people in our nation hold on to a belief in government as an agent for the common good. Let's tell the truth, everyone wants economic recovery. The questions this November morning are who will shape it and who will benefit.

NPP urges you to use our materials to make sense of our nation's budget budget. An engaged and informed public is more critical than ever in the fight for a broad-based economic recovery that will benefit all people.

Wild-fire mis-information about federal spending is as concerning as the role of unbridled big money in politics. In the coming weeks, we will be bombarded by a host of dangerous rhetoric about tax cuts, jobs, deficits.

Stay tuned: NPP is releasing our latest Data for Democracy Webinar: Jobs, Deficits and Taxes tomorrow. Sign up for 30 minutes that will demystify the three most pressing issues of our time.

The Federal Budget. It's ours. Own it. Or somebody else will.