Jobs, Deficits & Taxes

On election night, Democrats and Republicans agreed - it's all about jobs, deficits and taxes.

While they agree on the problem, they absolutely disagree on the solutions.

And the big question is, what's going to happen in Congress?

Join us as NPP demystifies three of the most pressing issues of our time from the ground up. Our latest webinar Jobs, Deficits & Taxes is a 30-minute presentation (with Q&A) that contextualizes the ongoing public discussions about these critical and timely budget issues.

Information in Jobs, Deficits & Taxes includes:
  • Unemployment in America and the long road to recovery
  • The impact of federal investment on job preservation and creation
  • The differences between Deficits and Debts, and whether they're good or bad
  • The role of taxation in generating federal revenue
  • Policy options related to the expiring "Bush Tax Cuts"

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November 10th, 11am
November 22nd, 2pm*
December 8th, 11am*
December 16th, 2pm

Note - all times are Eastern.

*On the Nov. 22nd and Dec. 8th dates we are offering Jobs, Deficits & Taxes, followed immediately by Federal Budget 101 if you're interested in participating in both.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We can do special webinars for selected audiences from your organization and support you and your staff as you use this extraordinary information in your advocacy efforts.

NPP invites you to be a part of this series.

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