White House Holds State Calls About Budget Deal

The White House Office of Public Engagement has scheduled a series of ten state calls (see list and specific invitation below). Note there are two calls today (Wednesday) for folks in California and Colorado and the rest through the end of this week. You are welcome to forward this invitation far and wide.

White House staff want to speak with constituents about the federal budget deficit/debt deal. There will be an opportunity to ask questions. NPP hopes you will be able to join in and ask a question and/or make a comment. (Tip: Call facilitators often give instructions about how to ask a question right at the beginning; If so, follow the instruction right away, so you can get an early spot in the line for questions.).

Below is a list, with Eastern time and local time for each call:

  • California Call - Wednesday, Aug 24th, 2:30PMEST, 11:30 PDT

  • Colorado Call - Wednesday, Aug 24th, 5:00PM EST, 3pm, MDT

  • Florida Call - Thursday, August 25th, 1:00PM EST

  • Illinois Call - Thursday, August 25th, 2:00PM EST, 1pm CDT

  • Michigan Call - Thursday, August 25th, 3:00PM EST

  • North Carolina Call - Thursday, August 25th, 4:00PM EST

  • Ohio Call - Friday, August 26th, 11:00AM EST

  • Pennsylvania Call - Friday, August 26th, 1:00PM EST

  • Texas Call - Friday, August 26th, 2:00PM EST, 1pm CDT

  • Wisconsin Call - Friday, August 26th, 4:30PM EST, 3:30pm CDT

Please RSVP to OPERSVP@who.eop.gov with your name, organization, and city, state.

Dial In: (800) 230-1093

Passcode Title: [State] White House Budget Update