Kyle Announces NPP's "One (Bumpy) Year in the Life of the Federal Budget" – and Some Fun Stuff

Followers of "Ask Kyle" may be surprised to see this, as our good friend and colleague Kyle Andrejczyk posted his last post on September 12. But so many people found Kyle's work to be so helpful in explaining the craziness that went on this summer in Washington around the federal budget that we at NPP are reluctant to let Kyle go. And with a complicated road still to be driven by Congress between now and the end of the year on the federal deficit and the national debt, we need Kyle more than ever.

So Kyle is staying, at least for now. And, although the writers may be Jo, or Becky, or Samantha, or Mattea, or Chris, the spirit will still be Kyle. We hope that we can be as helpful and as smart and as engaging as he has been. And who knows? Maybe we can get a cameo or two out of Kyle himself.

Today, on the last day of the Fiscal Year, Kyle wants to introduce you to NPP's latest publication, "One (Bumpy) Year in the Life of the Federal Budget." Kyle would tell you that it's a little wonky for his taste, but that it does include a lot of really good information. "One (Bumpy) Year" pulls together key events of 2011 and offers a look ahead to critical decisions awaiting our elected officials. And to be honest, we borrowed an awful lot of Kyle's stuff putting this together.

Kyle is much happier talking about the new "Build a Better Budget" on-line tool. The "Build a Better Budget" tool will help you understand the budget process and give you a chance to share your budget choices with our elected officials. "Build a Better Budget" is a joint project of USAction, RootsAction, and National Priorities Project. And it's Kyle-approved.

So check out "One (Bumpy) Year” and try building your own budget. And stay with NPP, and Kyle, as we work to keep everyone up to date on the latest on Washington and the budget.