One Last Challenge in 2013

Here at NPP, we've made a New Year's Resolution to make 2014 so much better for our democracy. We'll take back the federal budget for ordinary Americans -- folks like you and me. We'll fight to make the priorities of Americans heard so the federal budget reflects the true promise of our democracy.

Our plans for 2014 include a brand new tool that tracks federal spending by state, a redesigned Federal Budget 101, and an updated edition of A People's Guide to the Federal Budget -- plus a whole lot more.  

We need your help to take on these projects. Your year-end tax-deductible contribution to NPP will enable us to forge ahead. 

Today, we received one last challenge for 2013 to help make our New Year's resolution a reality. A generous donor to National Priorities Project has pledged $5,000 towards the $10,000 we have left to raise in 2013. 

This donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has NPP's financial stability at heart and wants to see our supporter pool grow. Her gift is contingent upon us raising the remaining $5,000 from you -- our core constituents -- today. 

We're just hours away from closing the books on 2013! Help us fill that remaining $10,000 gap. We're already halfway there thanks to this challenge gift. 

Please join our anonymous benefactor in demonstrating your appreciation of NPP's unique service to our democracy. Make a gift of $35, $50, or $100 online right now, before time runs out on 2013.

You can help us leverage this special $5,000 gift by making your own contribution before the day's end. Let's meet this challenge!

Click here to contribute to NPP and add your generosity to the $5,000 already pledged.

We're so grateful for all our supporters who give gifts large and small to keep NPP going strong. We're proud to stand side-by-side with you in building a better democracy.

As the year closes, we give thanks for this great nation, and look forward to making our democracy even better -- thanks to your partnership -- in 2014.