NPP in 2014: Getting a Little More Personal

Happy New Year

Photo courtesy of Brandy

It’s 2014, and National Priorities Project couldn’t be more excited about the year ahead. This year we have some great things planned – projects that will further our work to ensure that the U.S. federal budget represents all of us.

What We Work On

We’ll continue to improve our website by making it easier to find content by subject area. Into taxes? The military? Debt and deficit? There will be a page just for you with a fact sheet plus the relevant blog posts, videos, and interactive tools all in a single place.

Tax Day 2014: Shop Locally

This tax day, in addition to your own personal, interactive tax receipt , you'll be able to see the tax receipt for the average taxpayer in your own state. Of course, our traditional national breakdown of where your taxes go will be available too.

Fifty Nifty United States

You told us you want one-stop shopping for budget information by state, and we heard you. Code-named Fifty Nifty, this project will show how federal money flows in and out of each state in the nation plus display the key stats for your state, like median income and unemployment.

Federal Budget 101

Federal Budget 101, one of our most popular features, will get a facelift in 2014.

Getting Personal

With these projects – and many others – NPP is getting personal this year. We’ll make it easier to understand how the federal budget works and how it affects all of us and the communities we live in. We’ll make it even easier to see how our tax dollars are being spent, and we’ll continue working to ensure that those choices represent our priorities as a nation.