NPP Board Chair Announces Leadership Transition

By Dennis Bidwell, Chair, NPP Board of Directors

Jo Comerford, NPP's executive director since 2008 and a beloved leader in the movement for a stronger, more just, and more people-centered democracy, will step down from her role at the end of May. She will be succeeded by Douglas J. Hall, Ph.D., the current director of the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. Jo will maintain an ongoing relationship with NPP as a senior advisor.   

Comerford Guides NPP to International Prominence

Jo ComerfordA steadfast advocate for government transparency, federal budget accountability, and federal revenue and spending policies that work for all Americans, Jo has passionately led NPP to international prominence during her six years as executive director -- including securing a 2014 Nobel Peace Prize nomination. 

Jo has played an instrumental role in building NPP into an organization that is greatly admired and utilized by public officials and journalists (at all levels), partner organizations, and activists and researchers all across the country, as well as by regular taxpayers who want to better understand and influence their piece of the federal budget.  

During her tenure, Jo has provided outstanding leadership, assembled a talented team of staff, worked tirelessly to hone NPP's message and products, and greatly expanded NPP's donor base and financial strength. And she's done it all with enormous sensitivity and caring. I speak for the entire Board of Directors and staff when I say that all of us will miss her greatly.

Meet Douglas J. Hall, Ph.D.

Doug HallThe board of directors and Jo have worked together over several months to ensure a smooth and successful leadership transition -- and we are delighted to welcome and introduce you to NPP's new executive director, Doug Hall.

As director of EARN, operating as part of the Economic Policy Institute, Doug has extensively studied the impact of national budget decisions at the state and local levels. His understanding of the economic impact of budget decisions is complemented by expertise in areas including child poverty, income inequality, and "high road" economic development. In his work at both the national and state levels, Doug has fostered close working relationships with partner organizations, reinforcing his belief in the importance of collaborative approaches that play to the strengths of each organization.

Doug brings tremendous expertise and research skills in a wide range of public policy areas, in addition to an intimate familiarity with the budget machinery of Washington. Additionally, as a colleague on NPP's Board of Directors, where he has served as Vice Chair since 2012, he starts his new job with extensive knowledge of the work and structure of the organization. 

Jo will leave the executive director position on May 22 and Doug will assume leadership on June 9.  

Looking Ahead to a Bright Future  

We are very lucky to be welcoming such a talented and experienced colleague to pick up where Jo's strong, impassioned, and visionary leadership will leave off.

Everyone at NPP is thrilled about the promise and opportunity in NPP's future -- made possible by the exceptional leaders who have gotten us where we are now, as well as those who will shape our path going forward. There are nothing but exciting things ahead for NPP!

The Board of Directors, Doug, and the entire NPP team look forward to continuing a strong partnership with you through this transition and beyond.

Please do not hesitate to contact Robin Claremont, Director of Development and Communications, if you have any questions or concerns. You may reach her at 413-584-9556 or