Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Giving Tuesday (on December 1)

This Thanksgiving, what are you grateful for?

At this time of year, we at the National Priorities Project always come back to what makes us thankful about the federal budget. We are grateful for what the National Park Service, National Science Foundation, and National Institutes of Health do for our society. From to Head Start to pesticide restrictions, federal programs and initiatives work to make our communities stronger, healthier, and more secure. At the same time, we know that the federal budget isn’t living up to its full potential to create opportunity for all.

There are folks who would have us believe that we can’t change the federal budget. That we can’t afford changes that would fight inequality, reduce wasteful and destructive Pentagon spending, and shift toward a budget that better reflects our collective values.

They’re wrong, and we’re not buying it.

You might be thankful for the federal budget, too. We hope that you’re thankful to have NPP as a resource to inform and empower you to demand the budget you want to see.

Here are a few examples of the ways that you’ve joined us to demand a budget that works for all Americans, for which we’re deeply grateful:

  • Nearly 1,500 of you signed our petition to protect Syrian refugees in the federal budget (and counting);
  • You’ve shared our graphics and posts on Facebook and Twitter to help us reach tens of millions of people with timely information on the federal budget; and
  • You’ve sent in small and large donations from 46 states.

NPP exists to make you more powerful and to keep you informed about our federal budget so that together we can advocate for our friends and families, and our communities.

We will be grateful for any contribution you can make to NPP on Giving Tuesday. Please make your contribution on December 1st.