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Federal Priorities Database: Underemployment (U-6)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes several alternate meausures of labor underutilization that are more inclusive than the standard unemployment rate.

Data Story: School Lunches

Now that schools everywhere are back in full swing, we’ve posted a new featured data story on our Federal Priorities Database. This one looks at two datasets: school lunch participation and school lunch expenditures. Over the years, the number of students eating school lunch has increased, reaching 31,724,421 for the school year ending in 2010. These lunches were subsidized by the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Federal assistance for this program, which totaled $9.8 billion In FY 2009, comes in the form of cash reimbursements and “entitlement foods” from the USDA.

New Data: Underemployment

There's a new indicator in the Federal Priorities Database. Underemployment: Percent of the civilian labor force unemployed, marginally attached (available but not currently looking for work), or involuntarily working part-time.

New Data: Federal, State, and Local Percentages of School District Revenue

We've added percentage of revenue from federal, state, and local sources to our school district data.

Data Update: Average Teacher Salary

Average Teacher Salary is now current through the school year ending in 2010.

New Data: School Districts

We've made 13 school district-level datasets available for viewing and downloading.

NPP Launches Updated Federal Priorities Database

Back in June, NPP soft-launched a new version of our Federal Priorities Database.  After incorporating some feedback, we’re ready for a wider audience.The Federal Priorities Database sits on top of information we’ve collected from various government agencies.  It provides a single interface for seeing everything from state emissions to average ...

Data Story: Food Stamps and Unemployment

This is the first our data stories, short pieces to spotlight the role of the Federal Priorities Database in understanding the relationship between social indicators and federal spending programs. This time, we're featuring food stamp participation and unemployment rates.

New Data: Student Teacher Ratio

There's a new indicator in the Federal Priorities Database. Student Teacher Ratio: number of students for every public school teacher.

New Data: Head Start Enrollment

We've added an indicator to the Federal Priorities Database. Head Start enrollment: number of children enrolled in a Head Start program. The Head Start program provides grants to local public and private non-profit and for-profit agencies to provide child development services to economically disadvantaged children and families.