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NPP in 2014: Getting a Little More Personal

NPP is getting personal in 2014. Here's a sneak peak at the work ahead in the new year.

Latest Federal Priorities Data: Unemployment, Labor Force, Medicare, Medicaid

We have another round of updates to NPP's Federal Priorities Database. Get the latest information on Medicaid participation, Medidcare enrollment, unemployment, and labor force participation.

The Budget Deal and What it Left Behind

Congress leaves some unfinished budget business as it heads out for the holidays.

The Budget Deal: Do We Have a Budget Yet, and Then What?

The deal's been done, but the U.S. is still a few steps away from having a budget. What's next?

Latest Federal Priorities Data: TANF, Food Security, Underemployment, and Health Insurance

Over the past month, NPP's Federal Priorities Database has been updated with the latest state-level information on: Health Insurance Coverage Health Insurance Coverage by Age Underemployment Food Insecurity Temporary Assistance for Need Families (TANF) - number of individuals and famililes Search the Federal Priorities Database to see maps comparing your...

New Release: the National Action Plan and Spending Transparency Gaps

The Open Government National Action Plan 2.0 is a good starting point for addressing the gaps in federal spending transparency, but much work remains.

Food Stamp Cuts in the Time of Thanksgiving

The food stamps program (SNAP) continues to grow, even as the employment picture improves. Time for more SNAP cuts?

FAQ: Why Should I Care About Tax Reform

If you've read our FAQ, you know what tax reform is. But why should you care?

Three Outrageous Numbers on Corporate Taxes

Perhaps these three outrageous numbers on corporate tax reform explain why 80 percent of Americans want tax breaks for big corporations closed.

A Big Day for the DATA Act

We don't have a complete picture of where our tax dollars are going or who gets them. The DATA Act is part of the fix to this problem.