New Release: the National Action Plan and Spending Transparency Gaps

Dollar by SalFalko

Dollar by SalFalko

Last week, the White House unveiled version 2.0 of its Open Government National Action Plan (NAP 2.0). Our new release with Center for Effective Government (CEG) applauds the plan’s focus on shining more sunlight on how the federal government spends our money.

We also note that while the federal government has made some large spending transparency strides and is committed to making more, there has been some recent backwards momentum in this arena.

For example, we no longer have a single place to see how much money the U.S. spends on federal employee salaries and benefits. We can no longer see the cost of government-owned building leases. And we know that the accuracy and completeness of USASpending, the main public portal for spending information, has been called into question.

Check out the full report for more details on NAP 2.0 and more information about the current gaps in federal spending transparency.

CEG and NPP applaud NAP 2.0 for its focus on federal spending, but it’s just a starting point. We look forward to helping shape the work ahead.