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Should We Reform the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction? Three Different Views from Our Readers

After we published a blog piece on the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction (HMID) this summer, several people wrote in to tell us how this tax break affected their lives.

The Tax Break for Hedge Fund Managers

The "carried interest rule" allows certain people, such as hedge fund managers, who earn money by investing other people’s money to pay a lower tax rate than many people who earn a living from wages.

Can Worries for Head Start Stop?

Now that the shutdown is over, Head Start families and employees can breathe a sigh of relief, right? Well....

A Student Reflects on Government Aid

All summer I’ve been on the phone with Americans discussing the federal budget.

How Healthy Is Arizona?

This summer has been full of surprises.

Summer Intern Profile: Nicholas Petsas

My name is Nicholas William Petsas. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and currently live in Tucson where I attend the University of Arizona Honors College.

Summer Intern Profile: Jackie Stein

NPP's amazing summer interns contribute in myriad ways to our work. This week our Summer Intern Profiles series continues with Jackie Stein, a Research Assistant on our Faces of the Federal Budget project.

Medicaid is Crucial to the Father of Two Disabled Daughters

Clay is a self-declared “evangelical Texan.”

Summer Intern Profile: Hannah Carrillo

This week's summer intern profile is Hannah Carrillo, who is working with NPP on our strategic planning project.

Summer Intern Profile: Molly Grover

The stellar efforts of talented student interns throughout the year allows NPP to expand and deepen what we do across all aspects of our work. This week, we're highlighting Molly Grover, who is working with us as a Research Assistant on our Faces of the Federal Budget project.