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The Home Mortgage Interest Deduction: Who Benefits?

When Chris and his wife decided to buy a house, the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction allowed them to buy their dream home.

Summer Interns Tackle Big Budget Issues

Over the coming weeks, we'll be highlighting NPP's amazing summer interns. The stellar efforts of talented student interns throughout the year allows NPP to expand and deepen what we do across all aspects of our work. Welcome to the first of our Summer Intern Profiles.

Faces of the Budget: Student Aid and Student Debt

When Richard, a retired Air Force officer, went to college in 1960, student debt was not something people worried about. Fifty years later, everything has changed.

Announcing Per Capita Spending Data

We’re happy to announce that our expenditure datasets now include per capita numbers. In other words, you can see the amount of money spent for each person who lives in a state or county. Why is this important? Below is a map of federal food stamp spending in FY 2010. ...