Cartoon Analysis – Transparency

Educator Toolkit: Peoples Guide to the Federal Budget

Activity Type: Group/Individual
Chapter: 2
Objective: Students will utilize a primary source – a political cartoon – in order to analyze a political message.

  1. Break students into groups of 3 or 4.
  2. Student groups will explicitly describe the contents of the cartoon in Chapter 2 of A People’s Guide to the Federal Budget.
  3. Each group will create three titles for the cartoon.
  4. After each group creates three titles, the entire class will vote on the best title for the cartoon.
  5. Begin a discussion on whether the students agree or disagree with the cartoon’s message. 
  6. Extension Activity: Students will write an article or a letter describing why it is imperative that citizens are aware of our federal government’s actions. The students should address how transparency facilitates democratic involvement. Further, students should be certain to include how they will continue to be informed about their government.

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