Debate on Keynesian vs Supply Side Economics

Educator Toolkit: Peoples Guide to the Federal Budget

Activity Type: Group
Chapter: 4
Objective: Students will be able to discuss two different economic theories and apply them to contemporary issues.

  1. Break the class up into two groups.
  2. One group should spend time researching Keynesian economic theory, using NPP’s A People’s Guide to the Federal Budget and other sources.
  3. The other group should research Supply Side theory using NPP’s A People’s Guide to the Federal Budget and other sources.
  4. Spend one class period debating the topic.
    • Have each group give a presentation to teach their respective economic theory.
    • Include questions to prompt debate.
    • Encourage students to challenge the statements/presentation of the opposing group.
  5. Develop economic scenarios and/or social/political crises and discuss how each group would interpret the scenario and/or solve the crisis.

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