Local Spending Data

Follow tax dollars in your community

This page is no longer being updated or maintained.

Welcome to the National Priorities Project's Federal Priorities Database. This is where federal spending gets local.

We're happy to announce that the Federal Priorities Database is now part of NPP's main website. If you've been here before, you'll notice a few navigation changes, but everything still works the same way. If you're new, welcome! You're one of the first people to see the database in its new home. If you have any questions, call us at 413-584-9556, or e-mail the research team: research@nationalpriorities.org.

Search Local Spending Data

Through this interactive tool, you can follow your tax dollars to programs and services in your own community.

Search local spending data

Find out how the government spends money on a variety of federal programs – from food and housing to military and healthcare – in your state and county.

Use our Trade-Offs tool

See the possibilities for how tax dollars from your state and city could be reallocated to different federal spending priorities.

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What makes this federal spending data unique

In 2013, NPP updated our database with new data from USASpending.gov. This is currently the only government-provided source of local, program-level data about federal spending.

Although USASpending.gov is publicly available, it provides only raw data that have not been curated or collated into similar spending categories. The data are extensive and multi-layered, which makes USASpending useful for data wonks like us, but less so for the average citizen.

NPP's database takes the raw data from USASpending and makes it relevant and accessible by: