U.S.: Federal Grants to State Governments: 2013

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Active Year: 2013

2002 2013

Notes and Sources

State revenue that comes directly from the U.S. federal government. This money represents federal grants to fund programs like Medicaid, Section 8 vouchers, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), WIC, and Head Start. It also includes money distributed from the Federal Highway Trust and Federal Airway Trust funds. The percentage of state revenues from federal sources is calculated using general revenue as the denominator, which does not include revenue from state-run liquor stores, lotteries, and insurance trusts. Years represent state fiscal years.
Data are available at the state level and go back to 2002.

Additional Information

Note: the colors that represent high and low values on the map are re-calibrated for each year.

Census: State Government Finances: Federal revenue = item codes beginning with B