Taxday 2011

March 22, 2011 - Notes and Sources

National Priorities Project offers you several ways to learn about how the federal government spent each 2010 federal income tax dollar. Find out what other revenue sources were used to pay our nation’s bills in 2010.


Breakout of Your Federal Dollar

A bar chart showing how many cents out of every tax dollar are spent on healthcare, income security & labor, the military, and each of nine other spending categories.

Revenue Sources and Federal Funds

A look at total federal revenue with a comparison of individual and corporate income taxes.

Revenues and Borrowing FAQ

A quick guide to Federal Funds, Trust Funds, debt, deficits and more.

Count Your Pennies

A deeper breakdown of our classic bar chart showing how much of every tax dollar goes into selected programs - WIC, Head Start, Section 8 Housing, and more.