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Did You Miss the “’Bus?”

Congress has passed a budget for Fiscal Year 2012. Did you miss it?If you did, that’s understandable, given all the noise coming out of Washington in recent weeks about extending the Social Security payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed.But Congress actually did pass an FY2012 budget, ...

End of Year Cleanup

We're getting ready for 2012 by doing a little cleanup in the Federal Priorities Database.

Data Wednesday: Adjusting for Inflation

In the latest Data Wednesday piece, we continue last week's topic of comparing data over time by showing how to adjust Federal Priorities Database search results for inflation.

Budget Brief- Cuts to Home Heating Assistance

Executive director Jo Comerford explains how budget reductions affect the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Millions of Workers Facing Loss of Unemployment Benefits

This week’s headlines from Washington have focused on an end of year budget deal that would avoid a federal government shutdown and the expiration of a temporary reduction in workers’ Social Security payroll deductions. Two important issues, to be sure, but left somewhere in the dust is another and arguably ...

Data Wednesday: Time Traveling on the Map

In the third installment of our weekly look at NPP's Federal Priorities Database, we discuss how to display historical data using the map.

Budget Brief- Extending Unemployment Benefits

Senior research analyst Mattea Kramer explains how the proposed extension of unemployment benefits would help keep the economy afloat.

Data Story: Unemployment Versus Underemployment

What's the difference between unemployment and underemployment, and how does a long-term economic downturn affect their relationship?

The Shakedown on the Payroll Tax Cut Extension

In Monday’s budget brief, NPP’s senior research analyst Chris Hellman explained the payroll tax cut and President Obama's proposal to extend it. But the proposal is controversial—it's been criticized by both Democrats and Republicans. Republicans argue that President Obama must find a way to offset the tax cut by cutting ...

Data Wednesday: Interpreting the Map

The second Data Wednesday installment discusses the map that displays search results from the Federal Priorities Database. We'll show you what to look for and how to find and interpret the numbers.