The Top 6 Questions to Ask Candidates

This election season, National Priorities Project is launching a suite of materials to arm voters with crucial information about what's at stake in November. And part of being informed is knowing what questions to ask candidates. Here are the top six things to ask your congressional candidates about where they stand on this year's most important issues:

6.  What is the best role for the federal government in improving education in this country? (Read the education fact sheet.)

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5.  Do you believe Social Security reform is necessary and, if so, what changes would you support? (Read the Social Security fact sheet.)

4.  Do you support changes to the tax code to raise additional tax revenue and if so, what kinds of changes? If you support “base broadening,” which specific loopholes and deductions would you eliminate? (Read the fact sheet on taxes.)


3.  On average the American public wants to reduce military spending by around 18 percent, according to the Washington Post and the Center for Public Integrity. Few lawmakers agree. Where do you come down on this issue? (Read the military spending fact sheet.)

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2.  How would you balance policies to promote our economic recovery with Washington’s current emphasis on deficit reduction? What are opportunities for bipartisan cooperation? (Read the federal spending fact sheet.)

1.  How do you propose containing the ongoing rise in health care costs? (Read the fact sheet on health care.)

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