A Pathway To a Better Federal Budget

Photo courtesy of rileyroxx's photostream on Flickr / Creative Commons.

Join me, if you will, in envisioning a pathway to a nation where the federal budget reflects the priorities of the American people.

That nation would have funding for a strong public education system, stable health care and social security programs for elders, a safety net providing basic human needs -- like food and heat -- for people who are struggling, and smaller national deficits as a result of mitigated spending and progressive tax reform.

That nation is within our reach. Multiple polls show that these are the priorities of the majority of Americans. Yet, federal budget policy-makers in Washington haven’t gotten the memo.

NPP is leading a national movement for a budget that listens to the priorities of people like you and me -- our nation’s priorities. After all, it’s our federal budget.

People are angry and want change -- right now. NPP has the information and tools people need to be powerful and effective advocates. Now in our 30th year, we remain the only organization in the nation breaking down the federal budget for citizen engagement to strengthen our democracy. NPP is providing the pathway to a better federal budget.

And this month, NPP needs your help.

We've received a challenge gift! A major supporter has pledged $6,000 if we can raise an additional $4,000 online by May 31.

That’s just 67 people becoming monthly donors at $5/month.

Will you join us?

Now is the time. Your gift will help us turn $4,000 into $10,000 for a movement towards a better federal budget.

NPP is in this fight with you, and for you. Together, we will fulfill the promise of our democracy.