Tax Day in 13 Surprising Charts

You may be surprised to learn what the government does with all the money you pay in federal income taxes. Use our personalized tax receipt calculator to find out how each of your dollars was spent, or view the average taxpayer's receipt for the U.S. or your state.

The average American taxpayer paid $11,715 in income taxes in 2013. Here's 13 charts showing exactly how the federal government spent those tax dollars.

On the military:

Tax Day: Military

On Health Care:

Tax Day: Health

On Interest on Debt:

Tax Day: Interest on Debt

On Unemployment and Labor:

Tax Day: Unemployment & Labor

On Veterans' Benefits:

Tax Day: Veterans Benefits

On Food and Agriculture:

Tax Day: Food & Agriculture

On Government:

Tax Day: Government

On Housing and Community:

Tax Day: Housing & Community

On Education:

Tax Day: Education

On Energy and Environment:

Tax Day: Energy & Environment

On International Affairs:

Tax Day: International Affairs

On Transportation:

Tax Day: Transportation

And on Science:

Tax Day: Science

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