Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?

How each 2014 tax dollar was spent

It's that time of year. Taxes are due on April 15. But where do our tax dollars actually go?  Here's the answer.

This post is about 2013 taxes. To see what you've paid this year, please visit our update post. 

The dollar bill graphic above shows how the federal government spent each one of your income tax dollars. Out of every dollar, 27 cents went to the military. Nearly 23 cents went to health care. Two cents went to education.

But that's not all. We can also offer you a personalized tax receipt. Here's how it works: you enter how much you paid in taxes, and we'll show you where every last penny was spent.

We can also show you the tax receipt for the average taxpayer in your own state. That means we've figured out how much, on average, people in your state pay in federal taxes, and we've gone ahead and written up a receipt for how the federal government spent that money. So whether you hail from Washington, Ohio, Massachusetts, or any state in between – we've got you covered.

 And finally, here's what the average tax receipt looks like for all U.S. taxpayers:

U.S. Tax Receipt

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