Tax Day 2012 – Those Pennies Add Up

It's tax week here at National Priorities Project. You might have seen our Tax Day numbers, or watched our Tax Day video on YouTube, or gotten your personalized tax receipt. If you did, you saw that 27 cents of every 2011 federal income tax dollar went to the military, while 21.4 cents went to health programs, 14.5 cents paid interest on the federal debt, and two cents went to education.



That's not all. The fractions of a penny matter, too.

For every federal income-tax dollar you pay, 0.23 cents goes to energy conservation.

0.59 cents goes to welfare.

0.37 cents goes to education, training, and rehabilitation for veterans.

0.01 cents goes to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

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