NPP's Work: Spotlight on Federal Education Spending

Last month we re-launched a major portion of our website, organizing our federal budget research content into eight issue areas:

  • Education
  • Military and Security
  • Taxes and Revenue
  • Debt and Deficit
  • Budget Process
  • Health Care
  • Social Insurance, Earned Benefits, and Entitlements
  • Transparency and Data

This week, we bring you key highlights on federal education spending:

  • A recent Pew Research poll shows that Americans rank improving our educational system as a top priority facing the president and Congress in 2014
  • Federal education spending is projected to be just 2 percent of total federal spending in fiscal 2015, a figure that has help roughly constant for decades.
  • Pell Grant values have declined over the years, covering less than a third of the tuition at a four-year public school.

For more on federal education spending, check out our video and factsheet

We'll continue to shine the spotlight on our other areas of work in the weeks to come. In the meantime, check out updated website for factsheets, interactive rools, and local federal budget data.