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Tell Senator McCain: No $18 Billion Bonus for the Pentagon

The Senate begins debating amendments to the NDAA this week. Learn how you can weigh in on one in particular. 

3 Alarming NDAA Provisions You Should Know About

House lawmakers passed the NDAA last week with so many controversial provisions, the president has already issued a veto threat. 

Pentagon Spending is Out of Control

The Pentagon's budget should be better - not bigger. 

4 Things Congress Has Been Doing Instead of Passing a Budget Resolution

What's Congress been doing instead of passing a budget resolution? We name 4 things.

We’re in Federal Budget Limbo

This is why we can’t have nice things: last week, lawmakers in Congress missed a huge budget deadline.

Webinar: Do You Know Where Your Tax Dollar Went?

Tax Day is right around the corner. In an upcoming webinar, we'll tell you all about how your tax dollars are spent. 

War is a Failure; Will We Take a Chance on Diplomacy?

Knee-jerk military actions are our new normal. But when will we try something other than war?

Competing Visions: Our Budget, Our Priorities

We've just released our analysis of federal budget proposals. Trust us - you're going to want to see this. 

What’s Going on With the Federal Budget?

We've seen some budget proposals for FY 2017, but what's next in Congress?

Webinar: 2017 Budget Proposals vs Americans' Priorities

In an upcoming webinar, we'll explain the differences between major budget proposals and share information about how you can influence the budget to shift our nation’s priorities.