Welcome, Lindsay Koshgarian

We’re really excited to have added Lindsay Koshgarian as NPP’s new Research Director. Lindsay brings with her a wealth of experience having led important projects as Research Manager while at UMass’s Donahue Institute. Lindsay’s expertise in affordable housing, workforce development, and health care access is a great complement to the skills of NPP’s current staff, and her econometric and statistical analysis skills qualify her to weigh in with the very best “data-wonks” out there. Her most recent work with the Donahue Institute highlights the breadth and depth of her knowledge, in diverse fields such as education, manufacturing, regional economic development, and workforce development.

We’re now at the beginning of Lindsay’s third week at NPP, and she already feels like “one of the gang.” She must like us too, because she keeps coming back, contributing her great ideas to our discussions of federal budget matters. Lindsay drops references to “OCO” (the “slush-fund” that the Pentagon has relied upon significantly as a way to do an end run around sequestration’s restrictions on military spending) like a pro. Lindsay, we’re thrilled to have you on our team!

Please join me in welcoming Lindsay to NPP! You can follow Lindsay on Twitter or send her an email