Meet Your Member of Congress this April

It's time to talk to your member of Congress.

Congress is in "recess" from April 7 to April 21, 2017. That means that members of Congress are home in their states or districts -- and they're ready to meet with you.

During the last recess, members of Congress heard from unhappy constituents about the planned repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The outpouring contributed signficantly to the failure to repeal the ACA. 

And we can do it again. 

If you reach out to your member of Congress this recess, here are some questions you might want to ask.

Questions about war and peace

(adapted from Women’s Action for New Directions)

  1. Do you support or oppose war with Syria? Will you seek to debate and vote on the matter in Congress, and what is your plan for getting Syrian refugees to safety?
  2. Do you support policies that ratchet down tensions between the United States and Iran, like the Iran nuclear agreement?
  3. Do you support limiting the President’s sole authority to launch nuclear war?

Click here for more background information on these issues.

Questions about the budget

(adapted from Coalition on Human Needs)

  1. Do you support President Trump’s proposed to cuts to [fill in the blank]? (see here for more information about his proposed cuts)
  2. How do you justify your vote on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal (if they voted to repeal)? Or thank them for their vote to keep the ACA.
  3. Do you support President Trump’s proposed budget increase for the Pentagon and nuclear weapons?
  4. Do you support maintaining programs like SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security as they’re currently structured, without new spending caps or cuts?
  5. Do you support or oppose additional tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations?

For more information about President Trump’s proposed cuts, click here and here.