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NPP Releases Highlights of Obama's 2014 Budget: 04/10/2013

NPP analysis shows budget proposes 2.25 to 1 ratio of spending cuts to new tax revenue; reduces Social Security benefits; Pentagon budget cut by 1.6 percent

Executive Director Statement on Obama's 2014 Budget: 04/10/2013

NPP executive director Jo Comerford reacts to Obama's 2014 budget

See Exactly Where Your 2012 Taxes Went: 04/01/2013

NPP has launched Tax Day 2013 to show exactly how each federal income tax dollar was spent.

Side-by-Side Comparison of 2014 Budget Proposals: 03/14/2013

Analysis of the three budget proposals and how they differ.

As Sequestration Budget Cuts Loom, Report Shows Devastating Impact on Young Adults: 02/14/2013

New report shows the devastating effects of the impending budget cuts on a generation.

State of the Union Address Dodges Major Budget Challenges Ahead: 02/13/2013

President Obama largely avoided the critical budget challenges facing the nation

Build a Better Budget: NPP releases an online budget game: 11/08/2012

NPP releases an online budget game – the perfect tool for understanding & influencing the high-stakes Lame Duck Congress.

A People’s Guide to the Federal Budget: 11/01/2012

NPP's new book explains everything about the federal budget in a way that everyone can understand.

Election 2012: National Priorities Project Goes Beyond the Spin: 09/11/2012

NPP's Voter Guide includes top questions to ask candidates, fact sheets on key issues, and side-by-side comparison of Obama and Romney.

Report: Dwindling Tax Revenue Major Contributor to Big Deficits: 07/23/2012

NPP shows how declining tax revenue over the past decade has been a major contributor to ballooning deficits.