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NPP Cheers Engagement from Americans on Budget Process, Successful Pressure on Congress: 10/17/2013

National Priorities Project (NPP) today praised NPP constituents across the country who successfully pressured Congress to do its job and pay our bills.

National Priorities Project, Center for Effective Government and the Sunlight Foundation Letterto Congress: Appropriations Breakdown Eroding Transparency, Undermining Democracy : 10/01/2013

National Priorities Project (NPP), Center for Effective Government, and the Sunlight Foundation todayreleased a joint letter to the leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, decrying the breakdown in the appropriations process and its deep costs to participatory democracy.

Government Shutdown Hinders Budget Transparency: 09/30/2013

Congress will fail to meet the October 1 appropriations deadline, likely leading to a government shutdown. Sadly, this is a familiar crisis for our nation.

Congress's failure to follow democratic process: 09/26/2013

In response to reports that Congress will again miss the Oct. 1st deadline for appropriations for the coming fiscal year and instead rely on a continuing resolution to temporarily fund government operations, National Priorities Project (NPP) decries this failure of democracy.

The Big Money in Tax Breaks: 09/16/2013

National Priorities Project (NPP) has released unprecedented analysis tracking federal tax breaks every year from 1974 to the present.

The Economic Cost of a U.S. Military Strike on Syria: 09/05/2013

As federal lawmakers and the American people grapple with the possibility of U.S. military intervention in Syria, National Priorities Project (NPP) announces the release of a new interactive tool tracking the Cost of National Security. The site features counters displaying the real-time cost of U.S. military programs, including the Tomahawk Cruise Missile – the weapon to be used in a strike on Syria. Tomahawk Cruise Missiles already cost taxpayers $36,000 per hour.

White House to Honor Two Local Champions of Change: 07/22/2013

Becky Sweger, NPP's Director of Data and Technology, will be in Washington DC as part of a Champions of Change event honoring civic hackers.

Interviews Available: House & Senate Appropriations Levels: 06/24/2013

Appropriators in the House and Senate have now set spending levels for the federal budget in 2014.

Interviews Available: FAA Sequestration Exception: 04/30/2013

With their legislation to exempt FAA from cuts mandated by sequestration, lawmakers have made it clear that they're not feeling the pain felt by the majority of Americans.

New Localized Federal Budget Datasets Released: 04/29/2013

NPP's Federal Priorities Database now includes new datasets illustrating the local and state impact of federal spending.