Faces of the Federal Budget

The Faces of the Budget project tells the story of the federal budget through ordinary folks' personal experience.

As a public school teacher in a very low income part of Maine I have seen school budgets shortfalls and high performing community schools closed due to budget cuts. More

Lisa from Solon, ME | Map

I've seen reductions in spending in grant opportunities (federal grants) and I have heard about the cuts to teacher salaries and the loss of bonuses for teachers and what have you. More

Gina from Greenville, NC | Map

Texas is the poster-child for the deep divide in incomes that we are all reading about. More

Cecilia from FLINT, TX | Map

This year [my husband] finally found a position that pays him enough for us to buy our own food. Government assistance kept us and our children healthy until we could take care of ourselves again. More

Brandi from Tampa, FL | Map

I applied [for food stamps] last summer because [otherwise] I don’t know where the money would have come out of my budget to feed myself; all my money goes to tuition. More

Hannah from New York, NY | Map

I worked in a kind of roller coaster work environment all my working life. I was constantly being hired and laid off for short term jobs over a thirty-year period, so I was collecting unemployment … More

Robert from Northampton, MA | Map

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