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Upcoming Local Events

Happy hours, book groups, and more. Continue Reading

U.S. Military Spending Explained...with Legos!

What could just 1% of the Pentagon's budget fund here at home? A lot! Continue Reading

3 Reasons To Run the Other Way from the Ryan Tax Plan

The Ryan tax plan would benefit the top 1% and severely hurt the poor. Here's what else it would do. Continue Reading

Our Failure to Invest in Infrastructure Is Literally Making Us Sick: #JusticeforFlint

The residents of Flint have gone without clean water for 748 days, and counting. That’s more than two years: long enough for toddlers to become preschoolers, for infants to graduate from lead-tainted formula to lead-tainted Kool-Aid. When you think of school kids subjected to lead poisoning for years in the ... Continue Reading

Nora Ranney named new Executive Director of National Priorities Project

Dennis Bidwell, Board Chair of National Priorities Project (NPP), is pleased to announce that Nora Ranney will become NPP’s new Executive Director, effective March 14, 2016. After a national search, Nora’s selection as the new leader of NPP was ratified by the Board of Directors last week. Continue Reading

Webinar: 2017 Budget Proposals vs Americans' Priorities

National Priorities Project Senior Research Analyst Jasmine Tucker will explain the differences between the major budget proposals and share information about how you can influence the budget to shift our nation’s priorities. Continue Reading

Our Full Statement on President Obama’s Final Budget Proposal

Once again, the proposal calls for more than half of discretionary spending to go to the Pentagon, war, and related spending, while calling for modest increases to address domestic needs. Continue Reading

President Obama Proposes 2017 Budget

New proposal calls for investment in domestic priorities but also prioritizes Pentagon spending and military force. Continue Reading

Tax Extenders Explained

NPP answers important questions related to the temporary tax breaks known as the “tax extenders.” Continue Reading

Inequality Showdown: Early Childhood Education

It’s time for us to recognize that preschool is essential for our kids, our families, and our economy. And we can afford it. Continue Reading