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A Model Resolution to End Transfers of Military Equipment to Your Local Police Department

Since 1990, the Department of Defense has transfered more than $7 billion worth of military equipment to more than 8,000 law enforcement agencies around the country through what is known as the 1033 Program. Transfers have included everything from office equipment to rifles, armored vehicles, aircraft and grenade launchers. As ... Continue Reading

Is Pandemic Preparedness A Matter of National Security?

Congress allocates hundreds of billions of dollars to the Pentagon and militarized policing and immigration systems in the name of security, while underinvesting in priorities like health care, medical research and poverty programs that could keep us safe during this crisis. Continue Reading

President Trump’s Immigration Initiatives Could Fund a Real Coronavirus Response

President Trump’s cruel & unnecessary immigration policies would cost $11.5 billion this year. That’s more than enough to an emergency funding package to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Continue Reading

A Unified Budget to Demilitarize America, At Home and Abroad

NPP's Ashik Siddique addresses the Congressional Progressive Caucus Summit to explain how we could safely shift as much as $350 billion per year away from the Pentagon. Continue Reading

The Poor People's Moral Budget: Everybody Has the Right to Live

They say we can’t afford to solve our most pressing problems. Here's how we fight the interlocking crises of poverty, racism, militarism, & ecological devastation. Continue Reading

It's time to put people over Pentagon & slash $200 billion from the military budget

We're joining a coalition to urge 2020 candidates to cut military funds enough to free $2 trillion or more over the next decade for big, bold, urgent people-first priorities. Continue Reading

The United States and Saudi Arabia Take the Top Two Spots in World Military Spending Per Person

Last week, the Stockholm International Peace Institute released their annual look at world military spending. Once again, the United States is on top. Continue Reading

Tax Day Social Media Toolkit

Tweet away! (Or Instagram, or print it out and slip it under someone's door. You're the boss.) Continue Reading

9 Things to Buy with $5 Billion Instead of a Border Wall

Five billion dollars is not huge in a federal discretionary budget of more than $1 trillion. But it’s an incredibly meaningful sum to any number of smaller federal government programs. Continue Reading

Bipartisan Commission Wants Pentagon Budget Increase to Nearly $1 Trillion by 2024

If the Pentagon doesn’t know where $700 billion is going, why should taxpayers trust them to do any better with $1 trillion? Continue Reading