Corporate Tax Reform

Nov. 5, 2013

All Americans benefit from public goods like clean air and water, infrastructure, education and other federal programs. These goods are not free, though. They require revenue, provided by taxes. Loopholes in the tax code let big corporations avoid taxes, making it harder to provide public structures on which Americans rely.

Sign our petition to Congress to craft a revenue and spending plan that reflects Americans’ priorities.

The biggest corporate tax break lets corporations avoid or delay taxes on offshore profits, costing the government $42 billion in 2013 alone. Learn more by checking out our infographic and reading our full report on the big money in tax breaks.

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Most Americans -- 80 percent! -- want tax loopholes for big corporations closed. Sign our petition to tell Congress to listen to Americans' priorities as they make revenue and spending decisions for 2014.

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  • Corp #taxbreaks for 2013: $108 billion. Federal spending for education for 2013: $68 billion. Via @natpriorities
  • Corp #taxbreaks on offshore profits cost 2.5x the cost of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. Via @natpriorities
  • Corporations save $42B in #taxes on offshore profits while Farm Bill cuts $42B in #SNAP benefits. Via @natpriorities