Data Wednesday: The Complete Archives

In the last few months, Data Wednesday has covered all of the basics you need to know when using our Federal Priorities Database.

We’ve covered so much ground, in fact, that it’s time for Data Wednesday to go on a hiatus. However, NPP would be more than happy to entertain specific database questions in our new You Ask, We Answer blog feature.

Below is a complete list of the topics we’ve covered in Data Wednesday. Thanks for reading, and be sure to get in touch if there’s something else you’d like to know.

  1. Searching the Database
  2. Interpreting the Map
  3. Time Traveling on the Map
  4. Adjusting for Inflation
  5. Table View
  6. Downloading Data
  7. County Data
  8. Linking to Search Results
  9. Federal Money in the States
  10. Embedding Search Results
  11. Normalizing Data
  12. Per Capita Data
  13. Normalization Wrap-Up