Is a Budget Committee Deal on the Horizon?

Demand budget justice - Protest of California health care budget cuts

Photo by Steve Rhodes

Prospects may be growing for a budget deal that would fund the government past Jan. 15, 2014. That’s the date when the current continuing resolution expires, so if lawmakers can’t agree on a budget by then, we’ll face another government shutdown.

How likely is it that the Budget Conference Committee, led by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray, will succeed in its task to present a budget deal to Congress by Dec. 13? It’s hard to say, since Democrats and Republicans remain pretty far away from each other when it comes to priorities for federal spending and revenue.

Glimmers of a deal come from reports that there may be movement to replace some sequestration cuts with a combination of targeted cuts and increased revenue -- but no new taxes. Republicans and Democrats have yet to reach agreement on tax reform, despite wide support among Americans for changes in the tax code that would ask corporations and wealthy Americans to pay more.

Some lawmakers are discussing the possibility of a two-year deal, which would reduce the threat of budget-by-crisis, and return the nation to a more predictable federal budget process.

With the Thanksgiving recess ahead, Congress has just eight more days in session prior to the Budget Conference Committee’s Dec. 13 deadline.

Their task would be a lot simpler if they just listened to what Americans want. In fact, we’ve already got a budget blueprint ready for them to use.

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